The webcomic that inspired
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The Cast
Jordan (the Red): A warrior hero. An old warrior hero -- old enough that he'd rather not be doing it any more, if only warrior heroes were allowed to retire. He decided to take on an apprentice mostly to have someone to pass on his cynicism to, but it hasn't worked out the way he planned.

Eliott (the Kid): Jordan's apprentice and number-one fan. His parents are rich enough, and busy enough, that Eliott has pretty much grown up doing whatever he wanted -- if he's really grown up at all. His great ambition is to live inside an adventure story.

Kess (the Elf): Eliott's best friend, once baby-sitter, and another of Jordan's devoted fans. Kess is calm, patient, reasonable -- all the traits you'd expect from an Elf with a near-endless lifespan, and yet for some reason she still wants to be an adventurer. She has trained herself for the role, yet something in her still resists, and she has yet to test herself.

Alec James (the Doc): Alec is the group's healer, a guild-trained and certified physician and alchemist. He is also an un-ashamed coward, but travelling with adventurers pays too well for him to pass the opportunity by. Beneath his mild, good-natured manner, Alec is nearly as cynical and sarcastic as Jordan. His one admitted soft spot is for his fire-breathing cat, Cinders.

Bard (the Bard): Mumblemumblemumble... No one knows much about Bard, except that he seems equally ignorant of how to use any of the musical instruments he pulls from his bottomless sack. He and Alec are companions, of a sort, and Alec may be responsible for having him in the group, or Eliott may have thought that all adventuring groups need a bard, regardless of skill. All Bard will say on the matter is mumblemuble...

Cyranan de Bergerat (the Piper): A wandering minstrel with a rare gift for communicating with rats, and the rare curse of rodent-thropy -- when the moon is full, he answers the Squeak of the Wild. His connection with the rest of the adventurers is tenuous, though he and Kess have begun a strange and hesitant romance.

Gareth (formerly the Quick, now the Dead): Gareth is the ghost of one of Jordan's former adventuring companions, dead some thirty years, now returned to protect and steer Jordan away from the path of the adventurer.

And an assorted cast of goblins, zombies, giants, thieves, townsfolk, villains, maidens, dragons and one fire-breathing cat.

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